Get 2 Human List UK

Below is a list of companies meeting your selection criteria with instructions to Get 2 a Human using their customer service number.

CompanyGet 2 HumanCustomer Service Phone #
Abbey (UK)Don’t press anything, even when prompted.0845 9724724
Alliance & Leicester (UK)Don’t press anything.0800 0688638
Alliance & Leicester (UK)After the first announcement, press 0# several times.0870 9011001 (UK)Press 5.0800 2796620
American Airlines (UK)After a brief message you are connected to an operator.0845 7567567
American Express (UK)Press # at each prompt.01273 576576
Amex Gold Card (UK)Don’t press anything until given the option to speak to a representative. Then press 0.01273 697272
Bank of Scotland (UK)Press # at each prompt.0845 7213141
Bank of Scotland Credit Cards (UK)Don’t press anything when prompted.0845 7293949
Barclaycard (UK)Keep pressing 0 when asked for your 16 digit number. After two failures, press 2 for an account manager.0870 1540154
Barclays (UK)Press 2, then 1.0845 7555555
BT (UK)Press * 0 each time you hear an automated voice.0800 800150
Currys (UK)Press *. When told that option is not available, press * again.0870 6097172
Dial‑A‑Flight (UK)Call goes straight to an operator.0870 3334488
First Direct (UK)Call goes straight to an operator.0845 6100100
Halifax (UK)At every prompt, press 8. Takes about six presses.0845 7203040
Halifax Classic Credit Card (UK)Press 0 twice.84560470000
Halifax One Credit Card (UK)Press 0 twice.0845 7283848
HSBC (UK)Press * at each prompt (requires 8 presses)0845 7404404
HSBC Business (UK)Press * at each prompt (requires 6 presses)0845 7606060
LloydsTSB (UK)Don’t press anything.0800 0969779
LloydsTSB Credit Card (UK)Remain silent through all the prompts.0870 0106622
LloydsTSB Platinum Card (UK)Remain silent through all the prompts.0870 0106909
MBNA (UK)Press * three times.0800 062062
NatWest Gold Card (UK)Don’t press anything, ignoring messages.0870 3331993
NatWest Platinum Card (UK)Don’t press anything, ignoring messages.0870 9093715
NatWest Visa (UK)Don’t press anything, ignoring messages.0870 3339091
Orange (UK)Press 0# each time you are prompted for a number (3 times)7973100450
RBS Mastercard (UK)Don’t press anything.0870 9070010
Royal Mail (UK) (UK)Just wait08457 740740
Scottish Widows (UK)Press 4 twice.0845 8450829
Sky (UK)Several people report the operator saying press ‘#’ to get to the front of the queue. However, nobody has been successful.0870 2404040
Tesco (UK)Don’t press anything.0800 591688
Three (UK)Press 1. After prompts press 6 for general enquiries.07782 333333
T-mobile UK (UK)Press 0 at each of the first 3 prompts.0845 4125000
Virgin Credit Card (UK)When prompted for card number, press 0#.0800 0687768
Virgin Mobile (UK) (UK)Press 0 three times at the repeated prompt.01373 855600
Virgin Rail (UK)Press 0 at each of the first two menus.0845 7222333
Vodafone (UK)Dial 0*0*0*0*0*. If voice prompts continue, dial the same again.0870 0700191