Customer Service Phone Numbers

How to use this page: when you call the toll free number listed, you will get the options below. This a transcript of the phone menu, to help you get the help you seek.

CVS Customer Service

Call: 1-800-746-7287, 1-800-SHOP-CVS
hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM ET

Use this number to contact a customer support rep, check prescription status, speak to a real person etc.

  • Thank you for calling CVS Pharmacy.
  • For English please hold.
  • For all other languages, press 9.
  • For store locations, hours, and phone numbers, press 1.
    • For 24 hour locations, press 1.
    • For Minute clinic Locations, press 2.
    • For all of them, press 3.
    • Say main menu to go back to main menu.
  • For CVS Rewards Card and Extra Bucks, press 2.
    • For Extra Bucks Balance, press 1.
    • To update your account information, press 2.
    • To order a new card, press 3.
    • For questions about Rewards, press 4.
    • For information about accessing your Extra Care account from a mobile device, press 5.
    • Say main menu to go back to the main menu.
  • To Discuss a Recent store experience, , press 3.
    • For changes to your automated prescriptions, press 1.
    • For help with credit, debit, or check transactions, press 2.
    • To place a compliment, press 3.
    • For Product inquiries, press 4.
    • To comment on a recent shopping experience, press 5.
    • For CVS Rewards card and Extra Bucks, press 6.
    • Say Main Menu to go back to Main menu.
  • For Questions or assistance with Care Pass, press 4.
  • For Help with or mobile App application including online photos and prescriptions, press 5.
    • For information about accessing your CVS Rewards Extra Care Card, press 1.
    • For Photos, press 2.
    • For Account or order, press 3.
    • For prescription management, press 4.
    • For Care Pass, press 5.
    • To return to main menu, say main menu.
  • For all other matters, including Minute Clinic, press 6.
    • For Minute Clinic Locations, press 1.
    • For changes to automated prescription calls, press 2.
    • For Health Screenings, press 3.
    • For Gift Cards, press 4.
    • For prescription History, press 5.
    • For Check collections, press 6.
    • For online photon support, press 7.
    • For online orders and returns, press 8.
    • To return to main menu, say main menu.